1. cali*deag

    Congrats! cali*deag's application

    APPLICATION: Your first name: Miguel Your age: 19 Your Steam name: cali*deag Your Steam ID / Steam UID: STEAM_0:0:29907308 / 76561198020080344 *If you go to your steam profile and right click your avatar picture you can use the "Copy Page URL" option to paste the info in this website to get...
  2. cali*deag

    Hello Remember Me?

    Hey, how have you all been. I missed you guys and playing on your servers. ( CS:S zHell RPG). I was the top swat I believe, but then people passed me up. I see you guys don't have those servers up anymore :eek: ;( I do have Left 4 Dead 2 though. Have you guys played Killing Floor or Killing...