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The Store Returns

The in-game store is now working on both zombiehell servers. Type !store in-game to access the store. If you had credits on the old store, they will be available in the new store. If you bought store items from the...

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ZombieHell #2 RPG - Fixed and Re-setup

For all of our CSS RPG players out there we got the Zhell RPG server back up and running (thanks Hades), it should be good to go and still have all the past skills and classes for players, so happy gaming guys and...

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RIP Skiddy

I have tragic news. Skiddy has passed away. On Saturday night (Dec 8th), he stopped breathing and his heart stopped. The doctors were able to restart his heart, but the oxygen deprivation damaged his brain. He was...

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Gamehost 1 host issues

Just a head up for everyone the host for our Gamehost 1 server is having some hard drive issues, so after they get it fixed we are probably looking and having to redo the entire server box and then reset the game...

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To all of you affected by the hurricane Irma, I hope you weather the storm safely. Irma is expected to hit Fort Myers around 8pm EST today. Please watch out for flash flooding, and tornadoes. If you need any...

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