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October 25th Weekend: Double the store credits!

Another store credits event! On October 25th & 26th players will receive double the store credits in all DG servers. See you in-game.

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October 21: Registration is now open

I know it took a while, but the forum registration is now open. Players can now register on the forum as they used to.

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August 29: Registration is disabled

Registration is disabled, and will be disabled until I figure out how to deal with the bots spamming our forum. I will manually register interested players for the time being. Simply email me with your email address...

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RPG Update

Early this morning I attempted an update on the rpg server. Things did not go as planned. As a result the rpg server wil be down today. I will work on getting the server up again tonight.

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July 28: Basic Soldier - New RPG Class!

Basic Soldier - New RPG Class! The Basic Soldier will be the 9th RPG class. It will be on the server in the next few days. The Class The basic details for this class can be found in the ZombieHeLL #2 (RPG) ...

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