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June 21th: ZombieHeLL 2 Madness

Due to a scheduling conflict, the event has been moved to June 21st. ZombieHeLL 2 Madness! This event will be special in many ways. It should be one of the best and craziest events Duskgamers has hosted. Imagine...

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June 20th: Triple the Experience (RPG Sever)

Triple the Experience (RPG Sever) Unlike previous events of similar kind that go for 24 hours, this event will be 4 hours long. Players will receive 3x the normal experience on the ZombieHeLL #2 RPG server. This...

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June: ZombieHeLL #1 Tourney

June: ZombieHeLL #1 Tourney This tourney will take place in the ZombieHeLL #1 server starting June 1 to June 30. The highest ranked player wins one of these prizes: Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition...

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Rust #1 - New Server

Rust #1 - New Server Connection info for this server is on the Servers page. At the moment the server is white listed... meaning only players in the Duskgamers Rust steam group can join the server. If you want to...

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Builder - New RPG Class!

Builder - New RPG Class! The Builder class...the 8th RPG class. It's finally here! The Class The basic details for this class can be found in the ZombieHeLL #2 (RPG) : Classes, Gameplay & Details. Basically the...

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