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Server Swap

Just a heads up for everyone theres been a few server changes, the CSS Zhell classic, Deathmatch RPG and the 2 CSGO servers are removed. We still have the Zhell #2 RPG with the two L4D2 servers now for some good old...

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Some down time expected.

On September 8 between 12 and 5am expect down time for our servers, website & Team Speak. The machines running these servers are getting updated by our hosting company. Everything is expected to go well.

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The Store Returns!

The new store is here! There are only few items in the store, and currently it's setup only on ZombieHeLL 2. That's because we want to test things before going further. More items will be added shortly, and more of...

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Friday May 13th : Classic Event (ZombieHell Classic)

Everyone Come Join DG for Skiddy's Birthday!!! On Friday May 13th We'll gather on the ZombieHell #1 Classic server for Skiddy's birthday so we hope to see everyone there! Date: Friday May 13th Server: Zombie Hell #1...

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Pikachuu has joined the vets!

Pika's been around for more than long enough, her kind character and sweet nature always puts everyone in a good mood and we're proud to call her a veteran! Congratulations!

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