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New server IP's

We had to move to a new host, again. As a result, every game server has a new IP address. You can always connect to any one of our servers by going to the server page here: http://duskgamers.com/?pages/Servers/

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Electrical Issues at Data Center

Around 11:15pm EST, the data center where our servers reside had an electrical issue. As a result, a lot of servers are down, including ours. They are aware of the issue and working on it. I'm monitoring the situation.

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It's Alive! Left 4 Dead 2 Server

We now have our own Left 4 Dead 2 server. It's currently in beta. Tom and I will be making improvements to the server over the next few weeks. The player / survivor count is set to 8 The server is listed on the...

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Farewell Sora

Goodbye and rest well, everyone will always appreciate the fun and good times you blessed us with, and although you wont be present for the future, we carry you in spirit so your always attending. - 11/17/1993 to...

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Kirakii has joined the Vets!

Kirakii has been involved for a year now and for his dedication he joins the veterans of DG CONGRATULATIONS!

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