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These are the rules for server admins.

Enforce the rules

Your primary duty as an admin is to enforce our server rules. Do not allow players break the server rules.

Follow the rules

Admins are not exempt from the rules. Follow the rules. Lead by example!

If you break the rules, you will lose your admin and you may get banned from the servers, the clan and the community.

Report bans

If you ban a player, you must make a ban report in the bans section of the forum within 24 hours. You must have a demo of the player breaking the rules to go with the ban.

Record a demo

Before you ban a player, you must record a demo of the player breaking the rules. Learn how to record a demo.

You should also record a demo any time a player is misbehaving (but not quite breaking the rules) or if something on the server doesn't seem right. It's better to have a demo and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

Give warnings

You must give at least one verbal and one chat warning to any player breaking the rules before you use your admin. If the player continues breaking the rules, only then use your admin.

Hackers should be banned without a warning.

No arguing

Your duty is to warn rule-breakers, and enforce the rules. That's all. If someone has a question or a problem with the rules, direct them to the forum. Do not argue, debate or discuss anything admin related on the servers with players or other admins.


Admins are required to be on TeamSpeak whenever gaming on one of our servers.

Be cool

Always be cool. Leave the drama and emotions out of our servers.

Greet new players, welcome back old ones.

No admin abuse

If you abuse your admin, you'll lose it. Consider this your only notice/warning. If you are unsure how or when to use your admin, ask a staff member, or post your question here.
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