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CSS Deathmatch #1 (RPG) - Classes, Gameplay & Details


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The game play is a hybrid between Vanilla CSS, Deathmatch and RPG.
How to play

Once join the server you need to choose a class. In chat type !class to select your class. Beginners should select either the Flash or Engineer class. Next, type !guns to buy a weapon.
RPG commands
  • !class
    • Allows you to select your class
  • !guns
    • Allows you to view, change, or buy weapons specific to your class. Weapons changes happen on respawn.
  • !skills
    • Allows you to view and upgrade skills specific to your class
  • !top
    • Shows the top 20 players
  • !pstats
    • Shows stats for connected players. (The info is displayed on the hud on the right)

  • Awper
    • Knockback (signature skill - automatic)
    • Increased ammo
    • Primary weapon: Awp
    • Secondary weapon: Deagle
  • D-eagler
    • Damage to health (signature skill - automatic)
    • Long jump
    • Increased ammo
    • Primary weapon: Deagle
    • Secondary: None
  • Engineer
    • Force field (signature skill - use F key)
    • Increased ammo
    • Can use all weapons other than Awp & M249.
  • Flash
    • Speed (signature skill - automatic)
    • Increased ammo
    • Can use all weapons other than Awp & M249.
  • Juggernaut
    • Increased Ammo
    • Primary weapon: M249
    • Secondary weapon: Deagle
  • Ninja
    • Throwing knives (with vamp)
    • Long jump
  • S.W.A.T
    • Slow down enemies (signature skill - automatic)
    • Increased ammo
    • Primary weapon: Shotguns
    • Secondary weapon: Deagle

Each class has it's own set of weapons. After selecting your class, type !guns to see the weapons available for your class.​


Currently not used for anything.

There are 50 levels for each class. The starting level is level 1.

You gain experience by killing players in the opposing team. You get 1 exp for a normal kill, 5 exp for a headshot, and 10 exp for a knife kill.

Your experience will be displayed on the right side of your screen in the A / B format, where A is your total experience so far, and B is the experience you need to reach to the next level. Note that A will only be zero at level 1.
Smooth sailing

Months of testing went into this mod. Many measures were taken to ensure players do not lose any experience or levels... even if the server crashes.​