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CSS ZHell1 Custom Content (disappearing zeds fix)

Tom Da Bomb

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if you having issues with the zombie models being invisible on certain Days then download this file and right click it to unzip it - http://downloads.duskgamers.com/public/css-zombiehell1-custom-content.zip/

then go into that 1st folder and right click to copy the Steam folder, then go to where your Steam folder is installed and right click to paste and it will merge the files to overwrite the zombie models, normally Steam is installed in the C:\ Local Disk drive, then into the Program Files (x86) folder, or wherever you installed Steam to when you first got it. (make sure to hit Copy and Replace when pasting)

***There is 1 or 2 "days" or levels in the CSS zombie server where the zombies are supposed to be invisible until they get close to the player, so this is for if they are always invisible and obviously glitching.
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