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CSS ZombieHeLL #2 (RPG) - Classes, Gameplay & Details


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ZombieHeLL RPG is a custom class-based RPG mod created by Duskgamers. Players battle zombies to survive and earn experience to level up their classes and skills.
Getting Started

When you first join the server, choose a class. In chat type !class and select a class. Beginners should pick the Basic Soldier class. Then type !guns to buy your weapons. Lastly, type !skills to see what skills you can upgrade for your class.

You level up your class and skills by killing zombies. There are tricks to level up faster. You'll learn the tricks as you play and observe experienced players.
  • If a weapon is locked, you need to level up to unlock it. For most classes the Glock is free and unlocked at level 1

  • The Basic Solider class can buy (for free) all the weapons at level 1

  • The Ninja class gets no guns, and uses the knife only. The Ninja is hard to level up. Beginners should avoid using the Ninja class.

  • When you level up, type !skills and upgrade your skills

  • Learning how to knife zombies in a corner can help you level up faster
RPG commands
  • !class
    • Allows you to select your class.
  • !guns
    • Allows you to view, change, or buy weapons specific to your class. Weapons are given on respawn.
  • !skills
    • Allows you to view and upgrade skills specific to your class.
  • !revive (Medic only)
    • Allows a Medic to revive a dead player. Level 8 is required to revive.

  • !cades (Builder only)
    • Allows a Builder to select a barricade.
  • !top
    • Shows the top 20 players of all time.
  • !pstats
    • Shows the class, the level, experience and money stats for connected players. The info is displayed on the HUD on the right.
  • F (key)
    • Few classes have special skills triggered by pressing the F key on the keyboard. For instance, a Medic can heal a nearby teammate by looking at them and pressing F. Likewise, an Electrical Engineer use the force field by pressing F.
  • Basic Soldier
    • All regular guns available at level 1
    • Clip Size (up to 50% more ammo)
    • Speed
    • Health Boost
    • Increased Ammo
The Basic Soldier is unique in that it has access to all the weapons at level 1. In addition weapons have a larger clip size (more bullets in the clip). Larger clip size means fewer reloads. Beginners should select this class.​
  • Battlerager
    • Speed (signature skill - up to 200% faster)
    • Damage
    • Health Boost
    • Increased Ammo
The Battlerager is fast and can do a lot of damage.​
  • Builder
    • Barricades (signature skill - !cades, F key to build when the cade is green)
    • Health Boost
    • Increased Ammo
The Builder can build a number of different barricades to hold back the zombies. The barricades take damage from nearby zombies, and partially repair themselves whenever those zombies are killed.​
  • Electrical Engineer
    • Force field (signature skill - use F key)
    • Speed (up to 20% faster)
    • Health Boost
    • Increased Ammo
The Electrical Engineer can build a temporary force field around himself to make it harder for zombies to reach him or anyone in the field. Zombies can get through the force field if they are not quickly killed.​
  • Dakka
    • Knockback (signature skill - automatic)
    • Damage (up to 60% more)
    • Ammo teammates
    • Increased ammo
The inspiration for this class came from the movie The Matrix. In the final battle for Zion heavy duty machines guns were used to hold back the Sentinels. Dakka, the name resembling the sound a heavy duty machine gun makes when firing, is the only class that can use the machine gun. Dakka can knock-back zombies, give ammo, and do a good deal of damage. Movie reference: Battle for Zion
  • Medic
    • Revive (signature skill - use !revive)
    • Heal (F key)
    • Health Boost
    • Increased Ammo
  • Ninja
    • Vamp Knives (signature skill - left click to throw, right click to knife)
    • Throwing Knives (left click)
    • Long jump
The Ninja is perhaps the most powerful class. It is also the hardest to level up. The Ninja class cannot use weapons, except knives. Vamp knifes do damage and return health. Regular throwing knives only do damage.​
  • Support
    • Heal (signature skill - F key)
    • Speed (up to 40% faster)
    • Damage (up to 50% more)
    • Health Boost
    • Increased Ammo
The support class does a bit of everything.​
  • S.W.A.T
    • Slow down enemies (signature skill - automatic)
    • Damage (up to 75% more)
    • Armor teammates
    • Health Boost
    • Increased Ammo
SWAT, or Special Weapons And Tactics class can slow down approach enemies as much as 70% and do as much as 75% more damage. A blue ring emits when enemies approach this class.

Each class has its own set of weapons. After selecting your class type !guns to see the weapons available for your class. To unlock a locked weapon you need to reach to correct level. You also need to have enough money to buy the weapon.

To buy weapons you need money. You earn money by getting head-shots or knife kills. Each head-shot kill gives you 1 dollar. Each knife kill gives you 10 dollars. Regular kills do not give you any money.

There are 50 levels for each class. Level 1 is the starting level. Except the Ninja class all classes can buy the Glock at level 1 for free by typing !guns in chat.

You gain experience by killing zombies. You earn 1 credit/experience for a normal kill, 3 credits for a head-shot, and 10 credits for a knife kill.

Your experience will be displayed on the right side of your screen in the A / B format, where A is your total experience so far, and B is the experience you need to reach to the next level. Note that A will only be zero at level 1.
Smooth sailing

Months of testing went into this mod. Many measures were taken to ensure players do not lose any experience or levels... even if the server crashes.​


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Absolutely the best CSS game server available. May be difficult for new players to start until they level up. Takes patience and the key is knowing the available classes, skills and weapons available as outlined above. The main issue for new players is knowing how to play. I highly suggest they read the above, but many never even visit the forum or read the server's MOTD.