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How to bind keys


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In CS:S binding is the process of assigning a command to a key. Once a command is bound to a key, a player can use the key to run the command. Binds make executing commands quicker and easier.

Binding keys

You must have the Developer Console enabled for this to work. Assuming you want to bind the !admin command to the key m do as follows:
  1. Open console (hit ~ key)
  2. Type: bind m "say !admin"
  3. Hit enter
Now every time you press m on your keyboard, the Admin Menu should come up. Use this method to bind other commands to a key.


Some keys in CS:S are by default bound to commands. If you use those keys in your binds, you will override their old behavior. The console will not warn you if you override default CS:S binds. If you mess up, you can reset all keys to their default binds. Go to Options>Keyboard>Use Defaults.
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