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How to Take Screenshots for a Ban Report

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Just a quick little guide to taking screenshots of Rule Breaking players to report them on our site with a Ban Request post, or you can always just pass them to an admin to make the post if your more comfortable with that.

Normally we prefer Demo recordings cuz they are more clear whats going on and whos breaking the rules, although some situations are pretty easy to tell what rules the person is breaking on purpose, so things like Chat Spam, Illegal Camping, Team Killing, and other visually based actions are ok to take some screenshots instead, although if theres only 1 shot or its unclear the request will be denied, so just be in mind to be thorough with screenshots so anyone completely unaware of the situation can tell whats happening just by looking at the shots. (even if the dont know what game it is, they can still tell what that player is trying to do)

Be sure to take 4-6 screenshots with 5 seconds or so apart, or 2 or 3 seconds depending on the action like team killing which can happen fast.

*Important* --- Also make sure you open the dev console with the ~` key just under ESC and before the 1 key (known formally as tilda key), and type the command Status into the text line then press enter / click submit, then take a screenshot of that console window, which has their Steam ID displayed next to their name so we can issue penalty, otherwise we cant verify who the actual player / steam account did the rule breaking, cuz anyone can change their nickname for Steam to anything.

[ Screenshot Tip ]
personally i found the easiest way for me to take screenshots for ban report stuff in games is actually not with the normal steam screenshot function, i usually use the classic hold Windows Key and press the Prt Sc button, which makes a .png picture of your screen in a folder called Screenshots in your normal Pictures folder area / library (on the left side panel of the file explorer window), then you can edit the pic with Paint if necessary to remove your name if you wanted or whatever, then right click the folder with the shots and compress it into a .zip file, then you can just post it as your proof in your ban request post or pass them to me all at once.
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