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These are the rules for members (a.k.a. Duskgamers). Do not break the rules. If you do, you may get banned from the servers, the clan, and the community.

Be respectful

Respect all players. The following are not allowed:
  • racism
  • hate speech
  • bulling
  • bashing
  • harassing
  • trolling
  • douchebaggery
  • excessive inappropriate language
Be cool

We're a gaming community. Our focus is on gaming and having fun. Don't cause problems. Don't cause drama. Be cool.

Wear the tag

The name tag is the prefix that goes before your Steam name. It's either [DG] or DG |. You must wear the name tag.

The clan tag is "Duskgamers" . Wearing the clan tag is optional.

If you remove your name tag, leave the Members' Steam group, or join another clan, you will be removed as member.

Steam name

Your forum name should be the same as your Steam name. Do not change your Steam name.

Be active

The forum is where we share ideas, feedback, news, upcoming events, and socialize. It's an important part of the clan and the community.

To stay a Duskgamer you must be active on the forum. We don't expect much, but a post once a month. A simple "hello" will do. We're asking for a minute of your time once a month - something any gamer should be able to do.

We do remove inactive members. This helps us keep our roster current.
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