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i was bored so i figured i would write a little guide on how to make your Ramen a little bit better, plus times are tough with so many jobs shut down so a lot of ppl could use a good, cheap, easy meal. Of course im talking about the kind of Ramen you get premade in the store, not the actual Ramen you would get in Japan where it comes from, actually Japan Ramen is what made me consider theres a lot more to be done with our cheap kind we get everywhere else lol.

so im sure most ppl have had some of the cheap Ramen we can get here in the states, just plain noodles and a packet of flavor powder for chicken, beef, or shrimp, which is why it gets the nick name Crackhead Soup here in NY, cuz theres not a lot of nutrition to it and youll be hungry in an hour but its cheap and easy.

so i was hungry 1 day, watching some anime show where they get some Ramen at a stand in Japan, and over there they put beef strips, actual shrimp, a fried egg and all sorts of stuff in Ramen, so i thought why dont i?

so ill explain the "recipe" (if you can call it that), for anyone that wants to use it, or hopefully it makes ppl think about adding whatever they want in their own.


what you will need = packet of Ramen, bag of Diced Ham, carton of Egg(s), bag of spinach leaf, and clean hands lol:

  • get out your packet of ramen and put the noodles in your pot of water on the stove

  • take your packet of flavor (which ever kind you like), and put 1/4 to 1/3 of the powder in the pot on the stove while its cooking (most ppl put it on after draining the water from the noodles, but putting it in while its cooking helps the flavor get into the noodles, instead of just on top of them, the last 3/4 to 2/3 of the powder is to put in after cooking so hang on to it)

  • then take a little of your diced ham and put in as much as you like in the pot while its cooking on the stove, the hot water will heat up the cold ham (if you dont have diced ham, you can put a few slices of sandwich ham on a plate, then your fork to cut long ways down the ham to make long strips, then stack them up and cut it long ways into squares)

  • then take out 1 or 2 eggs, whatever you want, and literally crack them into the water with the noodles and ham in it, the eggs will be "poached" basically and turn into a little misshaped hard boiled egg

  • after waiting a min or 2 for the eggs to get firm, then take a few spinach leaves and tear them up sideways going down the leaves, then stack them up and tear long ways on the leaf, which will make little square spinach pieces (like a checkerboard basically), and toss it in the pot too

  • when you feel its done (10-20 min), take the pot to the sink and drain out all the water, then put enough cold water in the pot to get just up to the top of the noodles, then dump your 3/4 or 2/3 packet of flavor left in the pot, the cool water cools the noodles a little so you dont have to wait so long to eat, and also helps spread the flavor around, plus its good to drink the water at the end for the nutrition in the broth

and your good! usually takes a total 10-20 min till its done, depending on if you like your noodles firm or soft . . . heh thats what she said xP


so hopefully that might help someone, or help them think more about the average meal and how it can be easily changed to what you like, or just something more nutritious at the same time, if you can think of anything good to do with ramen or any other average meal then feel free to lay it down.
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